Sunday, September 20, 2009

Better than expected

~6.25 miles, 44:35 total running

I crashed and burned pretty early last night (blame the jetlag, not the booze), and was up and feeling surprisingly chipper around 7am. After helping with the clean-up operation from last night me, Owen, Tarpy and Church hit up the beach and coast road for about a half hour with a little tack-on towards the end. The legs felt very good considering although the right foot is still a little cause for concern. Need to do a better job taking care of it from here on out.
Some nice running by the Brown Alums today, with Enda running 2:37 in Berlin, and Jokin making the Ekiden team for a 2nd(?) time.

Totals for the week: 6 runs, 61.9 miles

While this was a little down on last week, given that I was travelling I'm still pleased as I got in a quality workout and a good steady-paced long run despite the distractions and festivities on offer. Next week is a slight downweek in mileage terms, with the Dublin half-marathon on Saturday.

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