Monday, September 21, 2009


10.5 miles, 72:47

This was supposed to be 8 miles, but despite Coste giving me instructions on where to run to, I botched both the turnaround point and then the route back, failing to recognise the street I had run not an hour before. Despite this the run was extremely enjoyable, with the conditions just about perfect. Clear blue skies, no wind, and a crispness in the air in the shade. Perfect autumn weather for running. Started out pretty leisurely (7:30 1st mile, 7:15 2nd) and clocked the last mile at 6:35. All in all, a pretty easy run, with the legs feeling surprisingly good. The foot was good during the run, but took a trip into town during the afternoon, during which the foot got quite sore walking around. Need to be careful. Unlike the previous 2 days where I jumped in the water post-run, I wasn't about to jump in the Charles today. Flying back home tonight, and just hoping to get over the jet-lag ASAP so that this weekend's race isn't screwed with too much. Feeling good though.

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