Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The goggles, they do nothing!

10 miles, 67:24

Starting out, the legs had some real spring in them after not running yesterday, but felt a little tired towards the end of the run, I'm guessing a combo of Sunday's long run and 15 hours in the lab yesterday. College ain't supposed to be like that.
Hittin the park tomorrow for a longer effort, getting 8-10 miles at 'thon pace with a few tacked on a little quicker at the end. Hopefully the weather's as good as it was today, cos it was fantastic. Haven't said that too often this 'summer'.

1 comment:

Coste said...

you have to give that title the rainier wolfcastle accent, as in "zeee gahhwwgles, zhey do naawwwzzzing!!!"

"dialbit"...borderline word.