Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy days

3 mile w/u
13.1 miles, 74:13
2 mile c/d

Conditions were pretty much perfect for this and after waking up knew I was feeling good. The foot felt good prior to the race, and I was looking to run about 75 mins (5:43 pace).

Splits: 5:26, 5:36, 5:27, 5:52, 5:42 (28:04 5 mile), 5:30, 5:31, 5:42, 5:45, 5:38 (56:12 10 mile), 5:48, 5:58, 5:38 + 36secs.

I had a feeling I might have been out a bit too quick when I was 3rd after about 400m. Given that I'd finished ~25th in the first 2 races of the series I backed off a little. After about 2 miles, a group was forming but given my splits I decided to let them go. Mistake as I ended up running the rest of the race alone about 10secs behind this group. Think the 3 mile mark was 10secs too early as I was running consistently. Had a bit of a panic at the fact that I was running quite a bit quicker than planned, but was feeling good and trying to get back in contact. The course for the first 7 miles was quick, with the 8th mile the first one uphill. Was glad to see I was still on pace up the hill. Passed through the 10 mile mark 1:20 faster than I ran in the race 6 weeks ago and knew I was on a good one. The 11th mile was uphill again, and was happy to keep relatively on pace. I paid for this big time on the 12th mile. I rigged badly, and was convinced I was going to see about 6:30. Really died and was struggling for 400-500mtrs, but recovered a little, and got a lift going into the last mile seeing that I'd still broken 6 mins. Ran strong in, but felt like absolute toast at the finish.
Ended up in 13th place with €50 of vouchers in prize money. Delighted with the day as a whole, Spurs are 2-0 up as I type, all looks rosy except for the fact that right now my foot hurts quite a lot. Thanks to Jokin, I'm pretty sure its peroneal tendonitis. Glad to feel confidant in what it is. Now I just have to get it sorted.


Coste said...

Nice run, weeman. Make the good decision now and take a few days off to get the foot sorted. You're on pace to be more fit than I was for the 2:34.

Julie Komo said...

Nice race!!! Glad to see it's going well :)