Sunday, September 6, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

21 miles (well 20.8); 140:43

This was a little over the 20 miles I had on tap but I took a wrong turn (again........Cooley's a dangerous place). Took on 100g of gel, 500ml of isotonic drink, and about 400ml of water over the course of the run, so felt great pretty much the whole way, although did have to make a couple of pitstops during the first hour. Other than that the run was pretty much uneventful, although the weather was pretty much perfect, and just keeping my fingers crossed for similar conditions on the day.


Coste said...

I hope you've readjusted for sub 2:50 goal by now.

weeman said...


JoKin said...

don't be such a nancy. i think you should target 2:40.

nice run too.