Sunday, September 27, 2009

My new best friend

6 miles, 44:00

Oh dear God this was slow. The legs, while not sore, were just beat. Enjoyed the relaxed jog as the fields are in great shape and it was a beautiful morning. The foot wasn't too bad, about the same as it was Friday prior to the race. I've been icing on and off all day and reckon it should be ok. Grabbed a Titleist (1 for those keeping track) to roll out the foot, and while it hurt like a bitch, it definitely helped. Will have to keep this going.
Total for the week: 6 runs, 53.5 miles
The highlight of the week was definitely the 1/2 yesterday. Really happy with the performance which exceeded my expectations. The mileage was a little down as it was a recovery week; so yesterday was probably aided by the mini-taper. The downside is the tendonitis in the foot, but hopefully I can work that out over the next few days.

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