Saturday, May 2, 2009

Battlelines drawn

4.5 miles, 31:28

Started out nice and slow as the quads were extremely sensitive but after about 10 mins felt great. The shin was much improved and felt much better than I was anticipating. There is zero comparison between running on grass in warm sunshine and stuck on a treadmill. 

Today sees Munster take on Leinster in the Heineken cup semi-final. It has been a ridiculous year for Irish rugby. Following the Grand Slam, Munster have pretty muched wrapped up the Magners League with Leinster in 2nd, and now a guaranteed Irish presence in the Heineken Cup final. Maybe surprisingly, I am thoroughly behind the Munster side despite being a Leinsterman. 3 reasons why: 1) Keith Wood is my all-time favourite player, and have been behind Munster since he joined them from 'Quins in '99. 2) Only in the last 3-4 years has Leinster properly appealed the province as a whole. Previously it was nothing more than a Boy's club for D4 snobs sitting over pints of 'Ken. 3) I refuse to root against Paul O'Connell. The man has put the fear of God into me. Can't wait, and fully expect Munster to beat the spread and win by 7+ despite the experts predictions of a tight game. 

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Coste said...

pretty sure whatever sport you're talking about is completely made up. as is paul o'connell and jimmy mcshanahahanahan.