Sunday, May 31, 2009

Best run in 3 years.

9.3 miles, 59:43

I think I may need to go on the beer the night before the marathon. Drove up to Dublin last night to get a few pints with Enda, and got up early to drive home and get the run done in the AM. Set a goal of running for 60mins, expecting to cover about 12-12.5 loops of the field. After a first lap of 4:52, the pace continued to drop throughout the run, passing through 5 miles in 32:15, with the last full lap covered in 4:18 and 13+ laps completed. Felt absolutely fantastic throughout, and with the weather just as good as yesterday, this was the type of day that tells you why you run.
Had a family BBQ yesterday evening, which involved great food, great beer and lots of sun. Happy days. Love that its a holiday weekend here this weekend too. No work tomorrow. Happy days.

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Coste said...

were you driving landon's dad's car?