Friday, May 29, 2009

Come On The Lions

~6 miles, 38:45

Run probably was a touch short but who's counting? Was definitely feeling good and was running nice and relaxed on an absolutely gorgeous day in Dublin. Sun was shining, temp about 65 with a nice cool breeze, perfect. Was my first time in Herbert in a while and Spring has definitely been and past. Last time out there were large stretches in the shade that were (not always so) dry mud and loads of daffodils about the place. Today was just a run on a perfect green carpet. If I had one criticism of the run it would be that I ran too hard. I'm still not down with running to a pace, but rather running at the same effort everyday. So as the fitness gradually improves, instead of making it easier, I'm just running faster. I'm aware that I am a total idiot.

Tomorrow the Lions kick of their tour of South Africa (this is Rugby for the uninformed). Every 4 years the Lions tour either SA, NZ or OZ (wanted to keep up the 2 letter thing). SA definitely represents their best chance of a test series win, as NZ are just sick and Australia are usually just good enough to edge them out. Really looking forward to seeing O'Connell leading the line though. He's just a total manbeast.

On a totally Irish note tonight was Pat Kenny's last night as host of the Late Late show (distinguished as the longest running talk show in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD). Special guests = U2. Top performance of Magnificent, as well as probably Kenny's finest interview where Larry talked about how he hates aspects of Bono's activism etc. Was a very frank and enjoyable interview. God I'm rambling now.

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