Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just 2 days....

5.45 miles, 37:56

Slightly underestimated the run home from Monkstown last week, but am very happy to see that this was another run done a few ticks under 7 minute pace. I don't want to get all up on myself, but thats kind of a big deal to me. Felt a bit better than I expected but still going to go ahead with the cross training route tomorrow and a travel day off Friday as I have a feeling being around Brown town and the former XC guys I could be in for quite a bit of running next week. That combined with the beer mile means I am in for a rough week. And I cannot wait. Probably won't post over the holiday, but since the only people that read this are the ones I am going to see you guys probably don't give a crap. 2 more days bitches!!

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