Saturday, May 9, 2009

Catch up post

Had to present the results of my first year of research Friday so was mad busy all week.

Tuesday did the squatting again for the experiment I volunteered for and then ran 5 mile around the college green afterwards. Quads completely toasted afterwards.
Wednesday: day off
Thursday. 5.3 miles, 37:25. Ran home from Monkstown. First full run on the concrete and legs felt good.
Friday: 3.5 miles to the gym, weights, 1.5 miles home.
Today: Ran the 5 mile loop around Rockmarshall, 34:58. Probably ran a bit too hard, but decent run all the same.

Legs are feeling good in terms of shins, quads etc but no turnover and stride length is brutal. Presentation went well, and am looking forward to getting states side next week

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