Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back to Reality

5.75 miles, 38:38

This was my first proper run since last Thursday as Sunday was a hungover slow paced slog. The legs felt pretty good as they should for so little running, but aches and pains have been popping up all over the shop as a consequence of the best weekend ever. When you have dreams in which the midget cop from Brown is trying to arrest you for drunken disorderly and you wake up not knowing which country you're in you know its been a good weekend. 
This was by no means a hammer, but the last few miles were run at a good clip as I was running late to get home in time for the Champions League final. To be honest, I couldn't see past United, but between them not showing up, but most definitely because Barca were out of this world, Barca can legitimately say they are the best team around. Some of their movement is beyond belief, combined with skill and passing, who cares if they can't defend, the opposition can't get the ball to score. Fanstastic stuff to watch. Back in the gym tomorrow morning to see how much last week took out of me. Who am I kidding, like I'm not huge enough as is.

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