Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heps crap

6.2 miles, 43:20

Ran home from the gym tonight by a slightly different route than the other night, while also trying to explore a little which involved running up cul de sacs at one stage, but an enjoyable run all the same. Legs feel good but very heavy. Would take a day off tomorrow but with running on Friday being unlikely I'll run tomorrow and maybe cross train on Thursday depending on how the legs feel. 
I haven't paid much attention to what happens at Heps since Craig Lake starting dismantling the mens distance program, but all the talk about James Wyner on Letsrun got me to pay attention. I'll admit, there's plenty not to like about the guy; the hair, the fact that he's from Jersey, the fact he goes to Cornell. But I gotta say that DQ is one of the greatest bullshit calls I have ever seen in my life. I was expected to see some bird flipping, high stepping shenanigans down the home straight, some taunting of the opposition and/or crowd whilst running. I don't even find what he did to be obnoxious. Some spanner posted the Ivy League rules on 'sportsmanlike conduct' on the message boards in which someone with a genital appendage on their forehead might construe what he did as unsportsmanlike. However I can recall countless instances of over the top celebrating at the Heps (the most obnoxious one to mind was Chris Lambert winning the 60m indoors at Cornell, I felt embarrassed that I was even from the same side of the Atlantic as him) with zero precedence for this DQ. In short, bullshit call.

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