Sunday, July 19, 2009

Easy trot

13.25 miles, 97:48

Woke up this morning a little hazy after a nights boozing with Enda that was cut a little short as I was refused entry to our last destination for being 'too under the influence'. This was definitely beneficial to this mornings run, although I didn't quite agree at the time. I was also sporting a nice little gash down the front of my shin courtesy of a little concrete wall that came out of nowhere on me last night.
The pace early doors was extremely easy as myself and Enda were accompanied by his brother John whose training for Berlin. Headed out along the canal for the Park. After ~40 mins with John we continued up on a shortened loop through the park before returning home.
The run was a little longer than I intended, but the pace was so gentle that the legs felt good pretty much the whole way, with little to no side effects from yesterday.

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Tarpy said...

classic. todays word, glogiery, could probably describe your drunken state.