Thursday, July 16, 2009

So little time.........

8 miles, 56:06

Had intended on doing 10 today, but didn't have the time to get 'er done before I was due back in for testing, so cut it a wee bit short in order to keep the gym session. Legs felt spectacular due to the day off yesterday, although I'm severely questioning the accuracy of the run length as it felt a bit quicker than 7 min pace. Maybe I'm just doing badger miles.
Really looking forward to the race on Saturday, some nerves setting in, but mainly on account of the fact that all going well I'm going to run 2 mins slower than I was running 3-4 years ago and actually be pleased with myself. This sucks.
Taking the Jeff T/Tarpy rule of having a few beers the night before the night before tonight. Not thrilled about the prospect to be honest, but has to be done, and if I race well, I may just keep it up.

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