Thursday, July 2, 2009


~10 miles, 68:08

Shit got crazy in Dublin last night. Got woken at 4am by a mofo of a thunderstorm the likes of which I hadn't seen since, well, last Friday in DC. Apparently we got 2 weeks of rain in a single hour. And it kept raining the night through. Needless to say, everywhere was wet this morning, which made me decide to avoid running in the parks. Decide to hit the canal as it bends south towards Tallaght around the 3 mile mark and I hadn't ventured down there yet. I should have known better. Tallaght, or Tallafornia, is not known for its wonderful scenery, but rather pie-bald ponies wandering around housing estates and the like. So despite mapping out my run on Gmap with a clearly visible path on the satellite images, I ventured about 4.25 miles down to discover the path had been fenced off, and what looked like a series of petrol bombs set off the far side of it. Ran on the other side of the canal along a (wet) grass bank and passed some of said ponies and horses. Didn't manage to get to the 5 mile turnaround as someone had barricaded one of the through passes on the opposite side of the canal as well. Added on some at the end to get roughly 10, although Gmap suggests its closer to 9.75. I'm all about the whole numbers game.

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JoKin said...

ponies? like midget horses? i hope you rode one.