Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hangover, followed by The Hangover

8 miles, 53:33

Had the day off yesterday, and the legs were very grateful. Last night was an Abu Dhabi reunion night, and unsurprisingly was messy. Had a savage nights craic, which of course meant that I was savagely hungover this morning. Missed the early bus back to Dundalk, and got home later than planned. Ventured out the door around 5pm, which was much later than planned, but felt better for it and enjoyed the run. Legs were feeling good, but after about 5 miles a little tightness crept into the shin, still not on the bone but a nuisance all the same. I desperately need to get a massage. I'm due a long run tomorrow, and will see how the leg responds. If its not positive, I'll crosstrain for the first few days of next week as I want to get on top of it early.
Just back from watching the Hangover (finally). It's all been said about it already, so awesome will suffice as a recap.

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