Friday, July 17, 2009

oh boy

6 miles, 41:53

Thank god that the race wasn't today because I would have been fucked with a capital F. I felt flatter than Keira Knightley's chest (I still so would), which can entirely be attributed to a lack of sleep last night (~5 hours). Still, have plenty of time for recovery before tomorrow, and am getting pretty excited about the race. I'm very curious to see what I run, and have never been so unsure of what to expect, but I'm going to play the ballsy card and say that I'm aiming to run 28mins. I would be pleased with sub 28:30 though, but we'll see what happens. The course is set up tough, and if I don't get the pace right in the first two miles I'm proper fucked.

Went to the Porterhouse last night for the first time, and will definitely be back. Quality establishment, with some savagely good beers. Drank the fantastically named Galway Hooker last night, which tasted as good as the name sounds. Happy days.

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