Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CERA - not the guy from Superbad

4.17 miles, 30 mins
40 mins on X-trainer

Got a good 40 mins in on the X-trainer doing the 'hill workout', sent the HR up to 190bpm on occasion, and got me nice and limbered up for the treadmill. The right shin is a little tight still as I can't work the knot out of the neck of my calf, but its very manageable and not causing me any problems. Did my weights routine after and felt pretty good post-workout.

So Rachid Ramzi is a drug cheat. Should I be surprised? No, and sadly I'm not. Despite his pedigree as a prior World champ (which I naturally assume now was also drug-induced) someone who came into the Olympics with hardly any racing over the last 1+ years should not win a race of that caliber after coming through the rounds. Hopefully they throw the book at him (Literally would do just fine as well). The people I feel for are Kiprop and Willis who were denied the chance to celebrate their just achievements at the time. Typically the 4th place finisher behind a drug cheat is also denied their opportunity to get on the podium, but I don't believe that Baala is any cleaner than Ramzi, so don't have much sympathy.

There's my rant for the day. Back to watching Ronaldo fall around the football field like a little girl.

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Coste said...

Hey yank, isn't it a football "pitch"?