Tuesday, April 21, 2009


45 mins on X-trainer
Avg HR = 160, range = 138-181
25 mins on T mill, 3.6 miles
Avg HR = 170

Got in a great workout and sweated my bollocks off for a couple of hours (not literally of course). Wore the HR monitor to gauge the effort throughout on the X trainer and was pleased with what I was seeing. Not so much on the T mill, although effort wise it felt extremely easy, and will put it down to some lactate and junk following the X-trainer. Did weights and all after, cos lets face it, I'm just that good. 

Listened to Boston while working yesterday, watching it whenever the commentators got excited and the last 3-4 miles of both races. Very inspiring to see non-Africans in the mix, although was in complete agreement with  DeReuck about the womens race being embarrassingly slow through 20 miles. Was rooting for Hall and was interested to see him describe himself as feeling like a rookie because at the time I couldnt get his tactics. After all the Boston-specific prep he did I couldnt believe he took it out the way he did. Can't decide if his not covering the break was a throwback to London last year when they came back to him after Merga made a similar (but less substantial) move or whether (I think more likely) his legs weren't responding after the first 10k. Either way, a podium finish at a major marathon is a ridiculously good run. Would love to see him back in Boston next year as he can only learn from this and would back him to finish a couple of spots higher if he does (i.e. win)

Also took yesterday off. No reason other than no time to run. Never thought I'd say that in college.

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