Thursday, April 2, 2009

biablyzi: The future star of the 2010 World Cup

So I have now not run in a week, although I have managed to get some gym work in pretty much everyday. The disappointing news is that even with the week off my shin is still pretty tender and at times sore to walk on. Wait, I think I've done this before. Weird thing is the shin is much sorer post-icing, which makes me not want to ice. Because the gym work is going ok, and because college is now kicking my ass, I'm pretty much certain I won't be running for at least another week. At which point I'm hoping my shin has worked out its issues, and if it is a s.f. (you're not supposed to say it out loud) then I'll already be 2 weeks into recovery mode. On the plus side its 28+ weeks to the Dublin marathon which is plenty of time to get in shape. On the negative side, if I'm getting a s.f. on 25 miles a week then my chances of running sub 3 for the marathon are about as good as me shagging Jessica Alba.

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