Saturday, April 25, 2009

Good to get outside

4.25 miles, 29:39

Felt good to get back outside and enjoyed the run on a beautiful spring day. Started out with a 5:15 first lap and gradually opened up the stride a little so that by the end my final couple of laps were 4:48s. Did some good work both pre- and post-run on the calf which seems to be responding and alleviating the stress on the shin. 

The day was spoiled somewhat by Spurs trip to Man Utd. For the third visit in a row we took the lead, but this time managed to go in at half-time 2 up. We were then robbed by the referee giving a ridiculous penalty to let Utd back in, and Spurs proceeded to perform the customary collapse and get a 5-2 trouncing. Shocking stuff. 

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