Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sound body, sound mind

4.25 miles, 29:38

Went for a few pints last night and was pretty sensible to decide to leave early. However my decision to attempt a new shortcut throught the fields home from Fitz backfired pretty dramatically. Ended up scraping the right leg pretty good on some barbed wire and looks like I'm going to have a nice little contusion there but other than that no lasting damage done. Didnt feel too bad waking up this morning, and the run was perfect for clearing the system out. Opening lap was 5:13, and finished with two 4:48s, averaging a coupla ticks a lap quicker than yesterday. Calf is improving nicely from the isokinetic tests on Friday, and the DOMS is clearing from the hammy. Repeated the slightly longer run today given that the weather was again exceptional and I dont have the gym to supplement the workout. 

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