Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gym rat

45 mins on the bike
25 mins on T-mill, 3.5 miles

Got to say that despite all my initial apprehension I'm starting to love the gym. Main reason being the lashings of sweat that are coming off of me, makes me feel like I'm getting in a great workout and continuing on the path to being less of a fat bastard. Didn't have the HR monitor but always watch the Watts on the bike as it gives me a comparison to the VO2 max test I did back in October time. Its definitely not as accurate as the equipment in the lab, as in the Vo2 test I max out at 270 watts (only 60rpms though) whereas on the gym bikes I'm always between 230-320W for the duration (at 100rpms). Nice to think I'm making progress though. 

Run was triffic, felt good and relaxed, can't wait to do the real thing outside again at the weekend.

Missing midweek football because of work also sucks a fat one. 4-4 between the scum down the road and the scum on merseyside, even I would have enjoyed it. 

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