Sunday, April 26, 2009

Respect the beast

5.75 miles, 37:08

Don't know what the reason for it was, either being hungover/slightly drunk, being inspired by the London marathon, or the fact that there were some women playing a bit of gaa but this was my fastest run in a long time. Opened up the first lap with a 5:00 and gradually worked down to a 4:25. Felt nice to open the stride up a little but at the same time feels a bit depressing that this pace is quicker than normal yet is still slower than my target marathon pace. Legs felt great and the run helped clear the head. 

Initially the title was supposed to refer to the marathon itself, but I'm thinking more and more that it should instead refer to Sammy Wanjiru. The guy is a total freak. After a ridiculous 61:35 first half of London, a few slower miles were followed by a 4:25, yes 4:25 19th mile. Thats just crazy. He then led Kebede by no more than 2-3 seconds for the remaining 7 miles continuing to throw down surges just as Kebede kept closing on him. It must have totally demoralised Kebede to not ever get fully in touch. Wanjiru between this and Beijing has blown away all 'conventional' thoughts about how to run the marathon. Ridic.

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