Thursday, April 9, 2009

Love for the Blogs

No running since last Wednesday, but plenty of good gym work to help (slowly) get this mass of a man to a more reasonable level. Felt motivated to post despite the lack of running material to post because of a convo with Coste and reading Keith's blog post for today. Basically I haven't run for 3 years. I've been dabbling, building up, getting injured etc etc and tried (at times, not always) to cross train through the injuries without much success till this year. This most recent shin trouble has arisen after around 3-4 weeks running following the last injury. The insight I'm drawing from Keith and Coste is that when I started running a month ago I jumped straight back into 4-6 mile runs (nothing special, but about as much as I was doing pre-injury) because the cardiovascular fitness was there but the legs were clearly not. So the next comeback will start from scratch. I need to re-train my legs to run 5-6 days a week, so will be starting slow, and will continue to supplement with gym work until I (hopefully) reach a point where the body can handle running a reasonable amount. I have 28 weeks till the Dublin marathon, of which I hope 12 will be the re-training time and 16 weeks of decent enough quality running to get me home under 2:50. The shin has been feeling a lot better in recent days, and given that gyms and all shut down for Easter here, I may venture out for some yogging this weekend. 


Coste said...

This Coste chap sounds like a sage.

weeman said...

A dried herb? Sure, he could be that