Monday, August 17, 2009

Catch up post

8 miles, 54:17

Legs felt pretty good today. The pain in the left foot subsided for the most part, although threatened to rear its head around 15 mins in. Did some work on it after which helped. Generally felt that the recovery from Saturday is progressing nicely.
Very pissed off to be unable to find a working internet feed for the World champs, meaning I missed the mens 10k final. Having got a blow by blow account as it happened from Jilane and reading the reports after, I was delighted to see that Tadesse was so happy with his medal. The guy is a legend, and I love watching him run as he just gets after it, but is nearly always beaten by Bekele. Nice to see him truly pleased despite being beaten for gold. "I was not really kicking you know" Showoff.

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