Sunday, August 16, 2009


6.25 miles, 46:05

Seriously, does anyone give a shit about this run when the ridiculousness that is Usain Bolt has just occurred? I thought 9.65 based on his semi-final. That just blew my mind. Even my 'don't have a clue about running' brothers thought that this was one of the most ridiculous things they had ever seen. Unbelievable.

For the week:

6 runs, 55.5 miles

Mileage was a couple of miles down on the target, but largely because I had scheduled too much for today. Ran easy, as I needed the recovery after yesterdays race/mileage. Legs responded ok to yesterday, although the left foot hurt for the first 20 mins (plantar fascia). Otherwise felt pretty good. Felt even better after Spurs beat Liverpool, felt like I was dreaming after seeing Usain Bolt. Crazy.

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