Monday, August 10, 2009

Down Day

5.75 miles, 41:04

Ran home from supervising at the gym nice and easy to get a little more out of the day, but would have preferred to do the lot on grass. C'est la vie. Was trying to cram work in as I stayed home last night to to watch Padraig Harrington implode on the 16th to hand Woods the inevitable victory. Should have come back to Dublin.

Wondering what the hell has happened to the Blog brigade?? I figure Jokin is going to do the usual and post 10 days at once, Tarpy's been cutting the same k's for about 3 months now, Coste has yet to give us the Falmouth report, Owen's on the detail lacking long road route (remember the glory days of the misty mountain hop, now that was a blog). WTF??!?!?

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Coste said...

just updated from falmouth big guy. MMH was awesome. o-face needs to break out the archives!