Saturday, August 15, 2009

Somewhere between satisfied and pleased

3 mile w/u
10 mile race, 57:33 (5:33, 5:38, 6:00, 5:58, 11:32 for 5 & 6, 5:40, 5:57, 5:54, 5:18)
6.5 mile c/d

Where to start? If you'd told me beforehand that would be the time I'd run I'd be pissed, but conditions were poor. Took Tarpy's advice and went out slow picking up 2 runners as markers. First guy was a Dundalk runner David Carrie who beat me by 40secs in the 5 mile last month so went out 5-10secs slower at the mile, and Maria McCambridge as a) I didn't want to lose to a chick, b) she ran 58 low here last year and c) she ran 2:36 in the Paris 'thon in May. Was at the back of her group for the first two miles which were very slightly downhill and wind at the back for the first 1.5 miles or so. After the 2 mile marker we hit the uphills and the wind. I ended up leaving the group bar 1 guy and settled into what I thought was a good rhythm for the 3rd mile. Nearly shat myself when I saw the split of 6 mins, and immediately started to hammer. Mistake. I was a little too obsessed with splits and not giving credit to the conditions which were rough as besides the wind, the temp was high (for Ireland) and humidity in the 90s. From 2-4.5 was all uphill and into the wind, but the panic to the slow split led to me getting a side stitch around 5 mile. Had a guy come up on me around this point so latched on through here. 7th mile was a steep downhill for the 1st half, steep up for the 2nd half. Caught a guy at the top of the hill and tucked in for a 1/4 mile despite him running a touch slower as the wind was howling and we were still climbing. This helped a lot as when I got to 8 mile I'd lost the stitch and was ready to try and hammer the last 2. Thought I'd overdone it on the 9th as I was feeling really rough here, so have no clue where the 5:18 came from besides that I was chasing a guy that I eventually got with 250 to go. Despite the strong finish I don't think I left any time out there, and was only 35 seconds behind Carrie today over 10, after being 40 behind over 5 a month ago, and talking to him after he was very pleased, so gave me some perspective.
Did not plan on running so long after. Ran back to the apt, knowing it was 4 mile from the exit of the park, didnt realise it would take me 2.5 miles to get to the exit. At least it means an easy day tomorrow. Despite being 'off the beer', I'm treating myself to a couple of pints tonight. Now for the footie and WCs!

PS I beat all the chicks!

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Coach G-Unit said...

Great to see a solid race for you. You certainly deserve it after "going off the beer".