Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our Father, who art in heaven

19.1 (ish) miles, 127:02

Fucking GMAPs. A look at the map will show that instead of looping around the roads around 10-11 miles, I doubled back. The reason being is that the road on the map doesn't exist. The hybrid view shows that the so-called road apparently runs through the middle of 10 fields of farmland. The consequence was that this run was quite a bit longer than I had planned on. Also, the hybrid image shows that the roads on the map image don't line up with the roads on the satellite image, meaning that the distances are not quite right. Doesn't necessarily mean that the runs are measuring short, but I've had that suspicion on a few occasions. Using mile markers I know to be accurate, passed through 3 miles in 21:03, 9 miles in 61:10, and ran the last 3 in 19:15.

Around the 1:45 mark I started to feel a little light headed due to dehydration. Lost the shirt which helped cool me down a lot as the humidity was high. But having not taken on any fluids/gels at any stage I was afraid of bonking big time. As if sensing my discomfort, the da magically appeared around 17.5 miles in the car, providing a bottle of cold water. Between drinking some and dousing the head, I felt a ton better finishing up the run. Won't be going this long again without arranging for water/gels enroute. Longest ever run, and the first time over 2 hours. Pretty happy.

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Owen said...

Good work Wee Man!