Sunday, June 21, 2009

F*cking June!

This shitty month continues to go from bad to worse. My laptop has died, meaning a) no internet access on a regular basis, b) I can't do half the work I need to be doing, and c) I'm too broke to buy a new one. a + b + c = I'm up shit creek. Quick recap on the rest of last week.

Fri: Did the run/gym routine. 6 miles, 42:23. Felt good, but didn't necessarily feel like the effort correlated with running 7+ minute miles (felt like I was running faster despite easy running). Had my commencement ceremony for the diploma I did last year Fri night, so went for pints after and an early rise to head back to Dundalk Saturday morning made for a tired Wee man.

Sat. 8 miles + strides, 54:28. This was better. Despite the tiredness and mildly throbbing head, the run was very relaxed and easy. The tightness in my right calf seems to be dissipating somewhat to become a tightness down the whole right side, as the hammy was a little tight today too. Slept for 10+ hours Sat night. Love it.

Sun: 12 miles 80:59. Did the same run as last Sunday, and ran the exact same splits for the first 8 miles. Decided on the last 4 to guesstimate what marathon pace would be like and run at it for the last few miles. About 3.5 miles into it I regretted it, as I'm not fit enough for this type of craic yet. However, recovered very quickly and didn't feel too bad. Need to try to avoid being stupid though.

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