Thursday, June 11, 2009

Morning saunter

8 miles, 53:24

So got a little crazy this morning and ran the same run as Tuesday, BACKWARDS. Crazy shit I know. Felt a little tightness in the calves on the first couple of miles, not to be unexpected since I rolled out of the bed and into the run, but after about 15-20 mins I was feeling good and finished the run strong and relaxed.
Writing this post from the hospital library, which feels a little weird, as I kill time before peacing out. I also dislike the fact that I'm on the internet and can't access gmail. What type of horseshit is that?
And Ronaldo is off to Real Madrid. Delighted. Not because the the worlds biggest ponce won't be diving around on the grounds of the Premiership, but because my unwavering belief that he was going to score a bagful last year saw me lose my fantasy football league to the Lampard/Gerrard combo. Without him, team selection is a whole lot easier, and cheaper. Happy days.

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Jilane said...

Your 8 mile days are getting progressively faster than mine. I need to get on my non-midget horse.