Sunday, June 7, 2009

Phase 1: Completed

10.5 miles, 69:17 (35:12 first half)

Ran over to the fields, ran 6 laps to get through half way, swapped direction and did the same coming home. Felt very good. The weather had improved on yesterday as it had warmed up to 12C (60F) and dried out nicely, although the strong breeze was still in play. Felt very strong and relaxed and had no trouble at all with the slightly longer length.

The goal all along for training to this point was to get in good enough shape to train properly for the marathon. Tomorrow marks 20 weeks to race day and I definitely think I've achieved that target. I've had a few ups and downs, notably the time I missed in January and again in March/April, but at this point I feel very good about my running and am looking forward to giving the marathon training a proper go. Am going to spend some time today mapping out a rough training program, which I'll post tomorrow, but am keen to try and reinforce the idea that I need to take it one day at a time.

Went to see Terminator: Salvation last night. Thought that the story line was pretty weak, but the action sequences more than make up for it. It's literally mile a minute stuff with an explosion of some sort every 7.8 seconds I reckon. Great film to not make you think, stayed true to the original Terminator storyline, and definitely feel its one that could be watched numerous times without getting old (Gone in 60 seconds type mould there).

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Tarpy said...

don't over do it weeman.