Friday, June 5, 2009


7 miles, 46:56

Had to squeeze in the run and workout in order to catch the bus back to Dundalk so had no time to stretch pre- and post-run, and the body wasn't grateful for it. Had some residual soreness from the squatting yesterday which took a good 2-3 miles to work out, but after that opened up a little and felt good finishing. Shin was a little tight on the right side, but again, due to squats and lack of stretching. NBD. 
Got the bus home tonight as opposed to tomorrow morning as its election day today, both local and for members of the European parliament. I am not a fan in anyway shape or form of Irish politics as the politicians are as engaging as dried shite, and the parties are not drawn on policy lines but throwbacks to the civil war 80+ years ago. This is the first election I've actually dedicated myself to finding out more about the party lines on policy and despite some raging disparities in party definitions and policy (for example, Fianna Fail are declared centre right but advocate gov't spending to boost the economy?) I was happy to vote Labour and their socialist views. Let's turn Ireland into the next Sweden! Hot blondes included!

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