Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lovin the Sun

7.1 miles, 49:26
Weights & Core

Today was another glorious  day weather-wise. These types of days don't hit Ireland too often, however, a look at the 10-day forecast would have Coste creaming in his pants. Was way too depressed at being inside so went running at 1 this afternoon despite it being the hottest time of day, although given that its now half 7 and still 23 (73) I didn't really lose out. Plus the park offered some nice shade and a sweet breeze, so it definitely didn't feel like the 25 (75) it actually was. Ran nice and easy, and got a good gym set in after.

The week review can be deceptive just doing a Mon-Sun gig. For the last 7 days I've logged 7 runs and just a tick under 47 miles. For this guy, thats kind of a big deal. So despite the fact that the legs feel good, I'm taking tomorrow off as a rest day, as I've got a lot going on and don't fancy putting miles on the legs just for the sake of it at 9pm tomorrow. 

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