Thursday, June 4, 2009

Still In One Piece

7.25 miles, 49:34

Had some paranoid delusions that because I took a day off yesterday that when I stepped out the door today everything was going to hurt, having screwed up my body's karma by not running yesterday. Thankfully, my body isn't as stupid as my brain sometimes and everything felt good. Warmed up for the run by doing 18mins of dynamic squatting as my final requirement for an experiment I volunteered for, so starting out the quads were a little tired but having run easy for the first couple of miles all felt good on the second half of the run and the stride opened up a little. 
Thankfully some semblance of fitness and stride length are returning so that my patented fat bastard shuffle is now a little closer to resembling a stride of an actual runner. About time too.

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