Monday, December 8, 2008

And the Spurs go marching on!!

Gym, 45 min cycle (30 mins easy, HR ~ 135bpm; 15 mins steady, HR ~ 150bpm)
Weights and Core

Quads and left achilles were as tight as (insert inappropriate comment) so decided to hit the bike since it worked well for me last week, and given similar success this week might make this a permanent Monday fixture for the forseeable future (therefore making it not permanent). Did the trick though, as the legs feel much better for it and without the pounding of another run. Despite the general tightness was overall pretty happy with how the legs felt getting up today as the run yesterday is one of the more difficult ones I have. Looking forward to getting back to an actual run tomorrow morning though.

Just in from watching Spurs actually surprise me by putting in a great performance away from the Lane to pick up a fully deserved 3 points. I'm shocked, this is normally the type of game that has me shouting at the bartender for a pint of Guinness (or something stronger), but the lads were fully in control the whole night, which meant minimal swearing from me, even less resulting stares from the other punters, and a dry night in a pub. Happy days indeed.

In other news, Enda celebrated his 37th birthday today by renewing his library card. That is all.

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JoKin said...

celtic beat rangers!!! celtic beat rangers!!!