Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas cheer and festive misery

Took Christmas day off as was partly expected due to the family festivities. However, the festivities were not like the Christmas turkey, and were competely overdone. So instead of yesterday spent running a charity 5k, it was instead spent in the foetal position on the couch, and in turn led to my first dry St. Stephen's day since I was 15. And it should be known that I love drinking on St. Stephen's day. 
After two successive days off you could be
 forgiven for thinking that I should have felt fanstastic on my first run back, but today was spent feeling like I was again hungover. But after about 15 mins, the run did become slightly more enjoyable, despite the cold wind that was raging about the place. Ran by the alcohol factory and since I knew better than to wear the HR monitor the pace was fairly snappy by fat bastard standards (46:22 for 6.55 miles).

Only other news for the holidays was the new
 arrival to the O'Connor clan. Jack is quickly establishing himself as a legend, and is likely to prove good company on more than a few runs.

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JoKin said...

jack looks like he could hand it to your ass over a 6 miler.