Wednesday, December 17, 2008


7 miles, 49:40
Avg HR = 157, peak = 169
Rec after 1 min = 39

I went out for the run this morning with the express goal of running to a target HR, as too often recently I've ran with the HR monitor on but failed to pay any heed to the increasingly higher numbers being thrown out. Therefore regardless of pace, I was to try and stick below 160bpm. On reflection, I would say I was about 65-70% successful, as there was a definite 20min spell in the middle where I was daydreaming and the pace picked up, and when I did ease off the HR sat on 160-161 but wouldn't drop below. However, I'm pretty sure if I hadn't eased off I'd have been looking at figures a good 10-15bpm higher, so was happy enough with the end result. Felt great on the run, although I discovered a little bit of tightness in my left shin while stretching post run that I need to keep my eye on. Thankfully at this stage it is definitely muscular and away from the bone. Just need to keep it that way.

Simplicity. Gone for this title based on my dinner just eaten. Stew. 
So ridiculously simple. Soup mix, some veg, spuds, bit of chicken. Let it stew. Throw in some of JMO'Bs Batch white sliced inch-thick heels smeared in butter and I've just had the dinner of champions. This has put me totally in the mood now for all things simple. Love it! 

Heading home tomorrow, finished all college-related stuff today, so the goal is now to get the shopping done. Definitely starting to feel the Christmas buzz after a longer-than-usual delay in getting there. Especially looking forward to having nothing to do besides run and have a few pints everynow and again over the next 2 weeks or so. Deadly!!

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