Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cometh the party, cometh daweeman

5.6 miles, 39:30
No HR - Guessing it was high

Ran without the HR monitor as I went for pints last night, and while I wasn't hungover I knew it wasn't going to be normal. Ran a little too fast again, but enjoyed the run. The legs felt really good given that it was the 5th day of running in a row, and for the first time in 3 days I didn't notice any tightness in the shin during the run, although I definitely found some tenderness there after the run while stretching. 

For those who intend on being in PVD for commencement this year, count daweeman in:
Fri May 15th: Depart Dublin 13:50, Arrive in Boston 16:45
Mon May 25th: Depart Boston 19:30, Arrive in Dublin 07:30 (goddam red eye!!)

Can't wait.


JoKin said...

i'll show you a red eye.

bend over.

Jilane said...

Wicked awesome on the blog contents.

Wicked gross on Jordan's comment.