Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's getting really hard to think of funny titles

4.5 mile w/u - 31:23
Gym workout
1.5 mile c/d - 10:26

Was out the door at 6:30 despite collapsing back into the bed after shutting off the alarm to a 'fuck that', but after 5 mins guilt took over. Once I got going I actually felt great and really enjoyed the run. Not sure why I was quicker again than last week by ~30s on both portions of the run, only thing I can think is that the new shoes are doing my legs good, but I'm not complaining. Had one or two aches on the first part of the run, but once I loosened up everything felt cushtie. School is pretty much wound up for the semester, heading home from the big smoke Thursday or Friday, will try to get one more gym session in before then as it will be a couple of weeks of just running at home over the holidays. Well that and a few sessions of a different kind.

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