Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Defo going to hell

6 miles, 42:51 (22:07 out, 20:44 back)
Avg HR = 155, peak = 165
Rec after 1 min = 41

Absolutely 100% ditching the canal run during the week. It has steadily gone down in my estimation over the last few weeks, and this mornings run had way too many traffic stops to keep it in the schedule. Plus after today's run, I'm definitely going to hell. Was heading out on the water side of the path when I met a stream of about 6-7 people, all but one of whom moved to my right to allow me to pass. As I got closer I expected the last person to also move as he had the space to do so, so stayed my ground. In order to avoid a collision at the last minute, I nearly ended up in the canal by having to go off the path. 'Excuse me you fucking prick!' was exclaimed, and as I looked back to see did it have the desired effect, I realised that the recipient of my abuse was none other than a priest. Fan-fucking-tastic, the Big man's recruiting standards are definitely slipping if ignorant gits like this are what's on offer. 

Other news, got results of my blood test back, and despite Jokin's predictions, I'll have to cut back on the old meat products and all other good shit as the cholesterol levels are on the high side, including the bad LDL kind, HDL, not so high. Probably not a bad thing given that all Irish pork products are off the market. The good news was that my ferritin levels are 116, which is about more than double on their last count, and haemoglobin is a healthy, if not spectacular 14.3.  

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