Sunday, December 7, 2008

The aul' memory is not what it used to be...

10.5 miles, 78:35
Avg HR = 170, max = 189
Rec after 1 min = 47

So when I mentioned I was thinking about tackling the forest run yesterday, it was based on the memory that it was a 9 mile run. Given that the run is basically either up or downhill with very little on the flat, I figured that 9 miles was about as long as I'd be fit for. So I was a little frustrated when about 50 mins in I realised I still had the guts of a half hour to go. To be fair, the legs actually felt really good, and were recovering as soon as I'd crested any hill. The only problem with the run was that I still haven't fully shaken his headcold and was pretty phlegmy and wheezy the whole run, which contributed to a higher than normal heart rate when I wasn't climbing. Overall though I am really happy with the run as the legs felt good the majority of the time and coped with the hills really well.

5 runs, 35 miles
50 mins bike

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