Sunday, December 14, 2008

Slower, fatter, less productive

10.84 miles, 77:05
Avg HR = 167, peak = 184
rec after 1 min = 44

Don't really know what to make of this run; started out feeling flat and the HR was way too high, but went through the first 2 miles in 7 min pace which was too fast but felt like I was hardly moving. Once the run started to climb after 2.5/3 mile mark I really felt like shit, but recovered well on the downhill section around 6.5 miles and really enjoyed the last half hour of the run. The HR was too high across the board and the run was more work than it should have been. Definitely loving the new shoes, but think that I'll probably still be a little sore tomorrow. Ran a similar distance last Sunday, but am thinking that maybe I'm not fit enough to be running this long just yet. Either that or my legs just don't like carrying my fat ass around that long.

WEEKS TOTAL: 5 runs, 38 miles
45 mins on the bike

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