Sunday, December 21, 2008

Days like this are the reason I still run

11.05 miles, 80:46 (7:18 pace)
Avg HR = 162, peak = 184
Rec after 1 min = 54bpm

Today's run was nothing short of fantastic. The weather was warm (around 50F), with a light breeze carrying a misty rain on it into my face for the first 50mins or so. Definitely my favourite type of weather conditions. Decided to ignore the clock completely, so fixed the watch so that only the HR was on the display. Ran completely according to the HR, with around 70mins of the run done with the HR between 160-166bpm, with a few up and down hills causing it to go above or below this range temporarily. Had no idea what pace I was running, but felt extremely relaxed and was thoroughly enjoyable. 
If there was a downside, there is some definite tightness down my left side, so am going to drive up to Dublin to get my foam roller as I don't want to be without it for another 2 weeks. Also going to try to find a chiropractor in the Dundalk area as the tightness is stemming from the hips. 

Not a bit happy with the football today, Spurs lost away to Newcastle to put me in a state of depression after a good start to the day. 

6 runs, 42.75 miles
Get in there

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