Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bunged up head

7 miles, 50:09
Avg HR = 159, peak = 167
Rec after 1 min = 41

The legs felt pretty damn good going out this morning and really enjoyed the run. The only real complaint is that I still haven't shaken a head cold thats been bugging me for the guts of a week now, and during the day I'm a never ending river of snot. Yummy. Hope that I'm getting it out of the system, and the HR during the run would suggest that might be the case. 

Outside of running, finally handed in my lit review today, which has been about 90% of the work I've done since starting this PhD and damn it feels good. And since the ethics boad are being major cockbags and are still holding up my study approval, once I get this conference over with by next Tuesday, thats pretty much me on the Christmas holiday train. Niiiiiiiiiiiice.

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