Thursday, December 4, 2008

A day late, a buck short

I'm a day late on yesterday's run, so sue me. Yesterday was a good run, hit Herbert park for a 7 miler, which felt great, although for some reason after about 35 mins my heartrate spiked from being around 150-155bpm to 165-170bpm for no apparent reason at the time, although I woke up with a headcold and a sore throat this morning, so I'm taking that as an explanation. The cold weather continues, yesterday's run was done at 3 below (about 28 in the F).

7 miles, 50:12
Avg HR = 160, max = 170
Rec after 1 min = 38

The afternoon had me back as guinea pig on the bike, but nothing worth talking about really, 6 mins on/off a bunch of times at 145bpm.

Outside of running, Spurs are getting my hopes again for another Wembley run with the win over Watford last night. Most fans will belittle the League cup as it is the least prestigious of the domestic trophies, but noticeably this happens after their team is knocked out. As Tarpy can attestify on his visit to Ireland last year, winning the Carling Cup last year meant a hell of a lot to me. Not sure if I want to get Utd in the semi-final in the hope they'll play a few of their kids or hope that someone can do us the favour and give Spurs the easier passage into the final. At this point, just waiting for the usual let down that comes with being a Spurs fan with his hopes up. 


Coste said...


Did you just make that one up?

Anonymous said...

quite possible. I'm relying on a careful plan of strategery to get me through my blogging