Friday, December 19, 2008

Bellurgan Run

6.6 miles, 48:50
Avg HR = 157, peak = 181
Rec after 1 min = 40

Ran early this morning as I had a big day of Christmas shopping. Run was nice and slow and very enjoyable. Kept everything in control, and the shin felt much better than yesterday. HR was quick to jump on the two uphills on the run but recovered quickly enough after cresting. 

Went shopping, and while it proved a completely tortuous event as usual, got some absolutely cracking deals in Newry as the value of Sterling is only on a par with the Euro at the minute. Saved the best for last, getting 54 bottles of Stella and 15 cans of Carlsberg for a grand total of €25. Christmas is sorted.


Tarpy said...

181? whats your max? how does your dwarfism factor into heart rate?

weeman said...

my dwarfism means my max is a little higher than most seeing as the blood doesn't have as far to go....last recorded max on the bike was 205bpm.